Controlled Burning

Photo by Jon Parker As I was hiking through the forest after night camping on a small mountaintop, I came across the scene in the photo above. This is a big deal. A much bigger deal than I would have thought before learning why the Forest Service does these burns. Many of you may have … Continue reading Controlled Burning

God and Cain and Abel

Photo by Ian on Unsplash I've been thinking a lot lately about the Biblical reality that God was more pleased with Abel's offering to Him than He was with Cain's offering. Many of you know at this point that I don't consume animal products. If you've read THIS POST then you'll know why. My goal … Continue reading God and Cain and Abel

Monk Mode

Monk Mode was a way for me to say no to some of the instant gratification I so often sought. I could say, "No, I'm in Monk Mode right now. I need to focus." It helped quite a lot. But that phrase in and of itself is just a tool. It can help in the moment of temptation to get you through it, but eventually it grows stale without some kind of long-term commitment.

How to Overcome Porn Addiction – Step 2: The Battle of the Body

Step One was all about mastering your mind; your thoughts. Have you taken the time to really put in effort in this area? Have you seen progress? If you're ready, read on, but if not then no worries. Take your time and at least gain some traction in the area of mental discipline, in taking … Continue reading How to Overcome Porn Addiction – Step 2: The Battle of the Body