The Chronicles of El’dor – Meet Alyra Luna Lamar

I am super pumped to share this with you guys! I've been worldbuilding with my brother for the last couple of years and we're finally going to start making the world of El'dor public! Something that is cool about this world and the universe it's in, is that it's all being built over at World … Continue reading The Chronicles of El’dor – Meet Alyra Luna Lamar

How to Create Your Own Awesome Book Cover – Indie Author Special

Remember to look at the top 100 (at least) covers on Amazon in your genre. Check out the other book selling websites too if you're planning on publishing wide and not exclusively on Amazon. See what the best-selling authors in your genre are using for book covers and do something that makes your book fit in so that people looking for books in that genre will know your book belongs there. If it looks too far off more people will just skip over it

How to be a Successful Indie Author

Photo by RetroSupply on Unsplash The Indie Revolution is here. Everyday more people take up the mantle of Indie Author and decide to write and publish their stories for the world to read. In fact, thousands of new books are published ever month. But the truth is that most of those books get read by … Continue reading How to be a Successful Indie Author