The Chronicles of El’dor – Meet Alyra Luna Lamar

I am super pumped to share this with you guys! I’ve been worldbuilding with my brother for the last couple of years and we’re finally going to start making the world of El’dor public!

Something that is cool about this world and the universe it’s in, is that it’s all being built over at World Anvil. There are so, so many articles published over there about this world, but they are all on private right now except for the one about Alyra Luna Lamar. I plan on sharing more about this world and the other characters in the future, but for now I thought sharing a bit about Alyra would be a good place to start given her importance to the story.

So, click HERE to read about her!

I should mention that this article and those that are made public in the future will not give away secrets that are important to future plot points, but I hope that people will grow to love El’dor and it’s people as much as I do and will be pumped to read these books when they come out!

Anyway, until next time,

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